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» Name: Saber (Arturia Pendragon/ King Arthur)
» Fandom: Fate/ Stay Night
» Reference: Type Moon Wiki
» Canon Point: Fate route, after destroying the Grail/ before waking in her own time
» Gender: Female
» Age: Physically around fifteen, but technically at least ten years older than that due to stopped aging
» Info Post: here

» Orientation: Straight as she has sex with Shirou a few times, however, is not adverse to having sex with another woman to survive, as shown when Rin was “getting her ready” for Shirou. Though, between still being slightly uncomfortable with her female body and that the sex is forced, Saber will likely resist for as long as she can possibly hold out, at which point gender really wouldn’t matter.

» Personality: Saber is a composed young girl that often comes off as cold or detached, showing little emotion even when Shirou walks in on her in the bath at one point, but that’s only because of the circumstances in her life in which she grew up too fast and chose to cast aside her emotions along with the fact that she was a woman in order to focus on her goals and what was expected of her as the King of Britain; underneath the stony and distant mask she built up, she’s actually kind, compassionate and concerned for others--she worries greatly about Shirou not simply because he's her Master, but because the boy cannot seem to keep himself safe, and calls out to Rin in concern despite the other girl technically being a temporary ally/eventual enemy.

Being a knight—no less the King of Knights—she has an unwavering, though a bit overwhelming, sense of duty(her indignation at Caster killing her own Master), desire to see justice done(she refuses to involve innocents in the War if it can be helped, becoming livid when others do so)and is wholly dedicated to what she sets her mind to; there’s little that can change it, a fact that sets her and her Master, Shirou, at odds at times as he’s just as stubborn-- he feels that she should let the past lie, to move on and she simply cannot put herself over her responsibility to her kingdom. Also did we mention the noble selfless and sacrificing aspect to her-- going after the Holy Grail for the sole purpose of preventing the fall of her kingdom, instead of saving herself from death and choosing to use an attack that she knew would leave her in critical condition in order to keep Shirou safe being examples of this. Basically what the ideal knight and king should be.

She does have her moments of awkwardness though—most notably when the young girl shows through/something has triggered her feminine side and she’s unsure of how to deal with it (Shirou causing her to become almost enraged when he laughs at her comment that a plush lion is cute), and she simply cannot take jokes at all; evidenced by the "Fake Bad End" one can get by making Shirou tell Saber they are fasting for the day as a prank, in which she "knocks him into the next world with her practice shinai of anger". Her appetite is a force to be reckoned with after all, and she never forgets a dish-- much to Shirou's vexation.

» Appearance: With her petite and slender frame that only reaches to about five feet, Saber isn’t what one would expect in a knight; her golden hair, striking green eyes and the air of serenity around her still give off a noble and gallant impression, though.
Without armor

» Suitability: N/A

» "amatomnes" Entry:
[A video feed comes on, though at first all that can be seen is the stonework of the ceiling before it shifts downward, and a young girl comes into view—green eyes narrowed and lips pursed in an irate expression]

I cannot help but feel insulted that my Master did not see the need to greet me upon my waking. Augmenting that is the fact that they have made use of my body before being properly introduced. Even if Servants are merely weapons, there is still decorum to be upheld.

On that point, I am neither impressed with the method my Master seems to have chosen to display my role of servitude.

[The camera lowers slightly and she brings her hand up to emphasize the collar around her neck, fingers latching onto it]

I know full well that the Command Seals are precious to a magus. However, they are much more effective at insuring obedience and loyalty than such restraint. If the purpose of it was simply to serve as a visible, degrading reminder of our positions, I can only believe that there will be many difficulties ahead for us.

» "amatomneslogs" Entry:
There was no pristine forest when she woke. Instead the small king was met with the feel of lavish bedding against her bare skin before her eyes opened—and the sight of a canopy, an elegant one of cloth rather than branches and leaves, above her when they did. An utterly wrong scene, as she should have returned to era where she belonged and ended the last moments of her life. Yet here she was, nowhere near death, and, by all appearances, again brought forth for a fight that she no longer had a desire to win. A war that should have ceased to continue.

That the effort she and Shirou made to put an end to that tainted power had turned out to be futile was enough to dishearten her, and Saber sank back against the mattress with a hollow feeling to go hand in hand with the slight fatigue that registered as she became more aware of her state. Her throat felt a bit of pressure, strangely, but breathing was not obstructed so she paid it no mind. It took a moment to place the faint, twitching aches in her lower body; upon recalling the mornings after being intimate with Shirou a flush crept up along her features-- at the same time that she felt more emptiness being carved out at thinking of the one she loved yet had given up.

She refused to wallow in it, however; she had been summoned and had a duty to fulfill, even if it wasn’t one she looked forward to and quite possibly for a Master who simply wanted power and riches. Though restraining on a rash judgment, the girl could only feel they weren’t off to a favourable start. Sweeping green eyes across the room confirmed that there was no one with her, no one to greet her as there should have been. Forgivable, but that aside; to have had intercourse with her, without even knowing their identity was a trespass that struck her honor and the very chivalry she upheld. The matter of trampling on that pride was not a light one, and she would surely bring that to attention first thing upon meeting her “affectionate” Master.

Untangling herself from the sheets, the girl slid off the grandiose bed to retrieve her dress that was neatly folded and put aside, along with the Excalibur that was set in its golden sheath. There would perhaps be troubles with the magus that had called her, as she would not—could not-- abide by the behaviour that they were already displaying, but she would deal with it in a calm, collected manner.
However, upon dressing herself that placid disposition began to crumble; at reaching and starting to do up the high neck of her dress, Saber found why she had perceived pressure—something was already there. Her fingers discerned a restraint of some sort, and peering into the mirror on the nearby vanity affirmed; though it was one that resembled more of what would be attached to the neck of a… pet.

A strange, sudden wind whipped at the curtains and canopy and rattled the windows for a moment as a livid intent leaked from the girl’s small frame.

There were certainly going to be troubles with this Master.
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