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OOC || Dream 001


Rolling, sprawling, and extending grassland to the outlying hills. A far green country, fair, and resting in the wind and swift sunrise. It was a sight that reached to the horizon and the young girl was captivated just gazing at it; simply standing among the near knee-high grass as the breeze brushed her loose hair and swept her deep blue dress about her. She merely remained like that quietly, but she was completely content. As if she shouldn't have do anything more, this alone was so natural.

A golden land, a good land.

The sky gradually began to darken at the far off peaks though, as if waiting for her lull; somber clouds stormed, moving to intrude on this scene before her. It was... foreboding, though she couldn't really say why. She just knew she could not ignore them.

But even as the creeping black that stained the land grew, right before its path was a spot of light, flickering amidst all the dark around it-- a warmth that assuaged her unsettled senses. It shone of familiar strength, and she moved herself to attain it.

It is mine, she acknowledged. It is for me.

It was only natural, a matter of fact. There was no other; who else could go to it? She must advance to it-- that was clear enough to her. Preserve this utopia-- why wouldn't she desire to do so? Past rocks standing tall from the earth and up hills that seemed to be mountains, the small girl neither slowed nor looked back-- what was behind her was a place she could not return to if she accepted that light, but what she would gain would be so much more. This certainty spurred her forward with new pace.

Her eyes narrowed as she neared the goal set before her; the stunning brilliance that hid whatever form it radiated from threatened to overwhelm her sight. The girl pressed on in spite of this and though she could not see what she reached for, the feeling of how undeniably right it was kept her faith steady. Hand extended, and with resolve steeled and the assurance of dreams, of prayers, of victory, of glory-- the light became white and finally filled her vision and awareness completely.
Tags: !edensphere, dream, my duty, oath of the king, ooc
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